Roof Painting

Is your roof old and tired?
Are your tiles chipped and broken?
Does your roof make your house look drab and old?

Restoring and repainting a roof can add considerable value to your property as well as protecting your roof for years from possible decay and damage.

We at Fresh Start Painting believe in bringing life to your whole house, including your roof.

There’s no use getting your entire house looking fresh and having an old and tired roof.

Before painting a roof, we need to assess what material we are dealing with.
Is it tiled?
Are they glazed?
Is it tin?

All of these regulate what product or preparation needs to be used for a long lasting finish.

First of all, a thorough cleaning through pressure washing is needed on any surface.
We include cleaning out your gutters through our roof painting service in Batemans Bay.
Checking tiled roofs and replacing old and broken tiles is next and repainting ridge capping is needed too.

A good quality undercoat which differs on each surface especially tin is then needed to bind and prepare for the last step which is 2 top coats.

Our work comes with a 10-year guarantee on the paint finish.

We hope to be a part of your next project and look forward to being a part of your next project.