Decking Restoration

Is your patio or deck looking tired and worn and beginning to fade?

Has the sun finally started to show its wear on your once new deck?

Unfortunately, a deck is something that will be something to renew over the years if staining but there are steps to ensure u get the maximum life from your deck.
Good preparation is key.
Pressure washing all mouldy surfaces and then sanding all fine hair like fibres ready for staining.

Using intergrain which specialise in decking oils is one way to give your deck the life you need.
The first coat will sink into the old and tired wood and nourish deep down.
But to leave it there means you will be back next year with the same problems.

This will need a light sand again to get rid of fine wood hair fibres and brushed off followed by one or two more coats pending on woods condition.

Finally, a good sealer on top brings the protection needed from Australia’s harsh sun.

Unfortunately, we cannot give a lengthy warranty to deck staining, but we do suggest are coat every couple of years to keep your deck healthy and protected.

Deck painting, on the other hand, is a different story and cabbots and Dulux both offer a good warranty.

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